Electronic Systems Technician

What Is An EST?

An Electronic Systems Technician (EST) installs, upgrades, and services a wide variety of residential and commercial electronic systems including: Audio/Video Systems, Telecom, Computers, Cable Systems, Lighting, Broadband Systems, Automation Controls, Security and Green Technologies etc. An EST’s role is both high tech and hands on, and is ideal for someone who is tech savvy and likes to work with his or her hands.

High Tech Careers = High Demand

EST’s are in high demand in today’s technology driven workforce. In fact, a recent survey* of residential home technology professionals indicates that most companies expect to expand their staff by approximately 14% over the next couple of years.

AV Technology Is Everywhere You Look Today

Think of auditoriums in schools and colleges, command-and-control centers in government and the military, projected images and digital signs in concerts, sports stadiums, broadcast studios, restaurants, malls and museums. The people who design and install these systems are AV professionals earning an excellent living in a fun and high-tech field. The people who work with AV systems every day are technology managers in business, government, education, healthcare and other offices. The AV industry is one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic industries in the world.

Is An EST Career Right For Me?


Fast Fact:

The average pay for an experienced EST is $40,000+ per year.

Receive A National Industry Certification

AVTI Is An Authorized Training Partner With:

The Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA) was created to establish industry recognized training and certification for entry-level Electronic Systems Technicians (ESTs). ESPA Certification is a widely recognized industry "stamp of approval". It signifies that an EST has Been properly trained to be effective on the job from day one, and continue to learn and advance in the industry. The credential is a high-stakes professional industry certification, built according to the highest standards and administered only in a timed, proctored, environment. The ESPA Certified EST credential provides the fundamentals which support all of the electronic systems vertical; commercial, residental, security, etc. It is the foundation for all EST career paths.


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